The amazing Professional Video Production, Live Broadcasting and Recording System

NetCaster Pro is not just one product. It’s an integration of hardware and software products the best in the market. Thus, NetCaster Pro is a turn-key solution providing everything you need for creating a professional television production and live broadcasting it, while at the same time you are able to distribute or sell video at live events the moment they finish.

We have integrated the best hardware/software equipment currently in the market with the latest top quality 4K robotic cameras.

When buying NetCaster Pro you get, the best video production system

  • fully automated
  • installed in your premises
  • ready for doing business and sell video
  • with training and support

The system is specifically designed for churches, venues, education (i.e. universities, colleges, schools), corporates, sport & music events.

Some of its main features are:

  • Very easy to install it and use it.
  • It is transparent, so no one can notice it in the room.
  • Only one person i.e. the operator is required for the production, live streaming and recording.
  • The moment the event finishes, you are able to distribute or sell SD Cards with the video.
  • Up to four robotic cameras which are able to store up to 128 camera shots each.
  • The operator is able to remote control all robotic cameras, to send live the right camera shot and at the same time record the event.
  • Production quality is at top level, similar to the ones delivered by television networks.

Purchase the NetCaster Pro today and start making money from tomorrow!

NetCaster Pro - Features

What You Can Do With NetCaster Pro

When installing NetCaster Pro you are immediately able to provide the following.


Today, anyone can sign up for a streaming account and begin broadcasting video to the masses. But creating a professional show—one that can hold audience attention and attract new viewers—takes more than just a camera and an Internet connection. If the technology between your lens and your fans is built around a long list of complex hardware, software and process diagrams, you’ll spend more time troubleshooting instead of turning a great idea into an amazing show.

NetCaster Pro integrates everything you need into a single, elegant, cost-effective and easy-to-use system so you’ll never have to buy and install separate components. With NetCaster Pro in your venue, church, studio, school, university, business or mobile van, you’ll spend more time bringing your creative ideas to life, and less time worrying if things will actually work.


Video is big business, and it’s big in business. Whether you’re an ambitious startup taking on video marketing or a multinational enterprise training employees around the world, multi-camera video production can have a substantial impact on your business. Today, creating an in-house production studio is easier and more affordable than ever. And, it can do so much more than most companies ever imagine—while boosting your bottom line.

  • Tell your story your way. Create the content you envision, manage your message, market your products and services, and save money by bringing production and delivery in-house.

  • Train employees, anywhere. Keep your people up-to-date on any—and every—subject with engaging on-demand or real-time video training.
  • Re-think the all-hands meeting.Live stream your meetings to deliver your message across the company, across borders, and across boundaries in real time.
  • Achieve remarkable reach. Take your video marketing to a whole new level with the capability to produce for anything from social media to corporate channels.

House of Worship

Expand your audience and take your services to the next level. From creating personal connections with congregants to reaching into the neighborhood and beyond, the video is increasingly important to fulfilling your spiritual mission. Our multi-camera live video production solution excellently performs in low lighting and put your message in the spotlight and allow you to reach more worshipers —without letting technology get in the way.

Many churches are using NetCaster Pro to broadcast their weekly services, as well as adding value by streaming special events such as baptisms, weddings, confirmations and more.

  • Help the elderly people. Help the elderly people not able to physically attend the church and those who suffer from illnesses or are stranded in aged care centres. They will enjoy the service of their parish at their convenience from home.

  • Reach the next generation. People younger than 40 years are all more or less into technology and social media. One-button social media sharing engages your tech-savvy followers and our system will help your church to be attractive in the young generation.

  • Widen your borders. Live stream services to remote members and attract guests around the world. Engage your audience by allowing them to watch on your website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Increase service participation. Mix cameras and video with interactive content like lyrics and inspiring passages.
  • Create an online campus. Create a virtual classroom, with a professional-looking virtual studio, to deliver church messages through a series of teachings. Use technology to spread the word of God.

  • Increase sources of income. Support your church’s operation by increasing the sources of income. Live stream special events such as weddings or baptisms with professional multi-camera productions excellent in low lighting. At the same time, you avoid the hassle by having videographers interfering during weddings or baptisms. Keep in mind, NetCaster Pro is transparent in the church environment and you can’t notice it if you don’t know.

  • Grow fundraising avenues. Capturing whole seasons of services provides rich archives, opening new opportunities to create themed programs or highlights for compilations and donor gifts.
  • Quick depreciation. Your investment on NetCaster Pro may be depreciated with just a few events i.e. weddings, baptisms depending on the price your charge for the service of live streaming and recording an event. Therefore, only 12-15 events may be enough in order to start your profitable period.

Spread the Word. Your members depend on you. They expect support and guidance whether they’re attending service, at home, feeling sick or on the road. Be there when people need you the most.


Create epic sports and live news broadcasts for your website. The integrated scoreboards, web stream source support, and the flexibility offered by NetCaster Pro make it the ideal solution for capturing live sports and news. Our sports production solution provides everything that teams, leagues, schools, and broadcasters need for complete on-air, live streaming, and in-venue sports production at any level, while meeting network standards for powerhouse visuals and real-time performance.

  • Smash price-performance barriers. A single multi-camera video production system incorporates every part of the production workflow at a game-changing price.
  • Connect any source, anywhere. Design your sports productions based on the best, most exciting programs for your fans, not cabling or facility restrictions.
  • Capture the action—anywhere. The right-sized integrated production system can go wherever the game happens, without sacrificing capabilities.
  • Produce a world-class fan experience. Dedicated replay with scores of built-in capabilities like dramatic slow motion and visual effects previously accessible only by top-tier networks (Please note, replay and slow motion requires additional software to be purchased).

Venue Live Events

Venues holding wedding receptions or any other type of event are now required more than ever to be able to live broadcast on Internet.

Broadcasting online a wedding reception provides an alternative for friends and family who can not be there in person.

Also, broadcasting online a corporate event provides a way for customers and employees to attend from everywhere.

  • Increase income. Sell the service of Live Broadcasting to your clients. 

  • Expand your business. By providing multi-camera productions, excellent in low lighting, to your clients, you expand your business and enhance its reputation.

  • Attract the new generation. Nowadays there are people addicted to technology and social media, especially the young generation. Live streaming their events makes them attracted to your venue and increases demand for hosting new events.

  • Smash price-performance barriers. Bypass the costly time-consuming video editing phase of the traditional videographers. Provide a multi-camera production, excellent in low lighting at a fraction of the cost.

  • Professional-looking virtual studio. Create a professional-looking virtual studio in your venue. Record some videos prior to the day of the event. At the event day, you will be able to project them on big screens and turn the event into a surprising show for the people attending either in venue or around the world!

  • Deliver Video faster than ever. Let your clients enjoy the video of your professional production at the moment their event finishes. It’s up to you if you want to sell the SD Cards or give them away for free.

  • Quick depreciation. Your investment on NetCaster Pro may be depreciated with just a few events depending on the price your charge for the service of live streaming and recording an event. Therefore, only 12-15 events may be enough in order to start your profitable period.

Don’t forget people are willing to pay if you provide them a professional solution. That’s what NetCaster Pro does for you and your clients.


NetCaster Pro has many applications in the educations sector. Universities, colleges and any type of training centres now use NetCatser Pro for providing new services to their clients. 

  • A teaching tool. Many educators use NetCaster Pro as a teaching tool in a video production course, creating student-run live shows.

  • Online training. Teachers and online trainers use NetCaster Pro to stream lectures tutorials etc. This could be free and open like a webinar or restricted under a subscription scheme.

  • Expand the reach. NetCaster Pro lets you expand the reach of your institution’s events, such as graduations, presentations, lectures, new student orientations, and sporting events. Students, parents, and alumni can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and Roku-connected TVs

Concert / Theatre / Entertainment

Today’s fans are increasingly turning to the web for entertainment – from music, sports and interviews, to documentaries, comedy and more. NetCaster Pro allows you to quickly and easily capture live or pre-recorded video, audio, music and other media – create professional productions – and broadcast events in real time to web audiences.

  • Increase income. Record the concert and/or the theatrical performance. Then at the last day, you have two options, either sell SD Cards at the crowd or upload it to your internet channel and monetise it. Selling SD cards is also feasible from your e-shop. 

  • Live Steam with ticketing. Some companies like the idea of live streaming a concert/theatrical performance by selling tickets online. Geographical restrictions may apply so you don’t spoil your event in the city to be hosted.

Hotel Conferences

Hotels offerring conference services to corporates are now required to be able to live stream those conferences. Thus, NetCaster Pro is the solution for a profesional production. Also, it is very important to provide the recording in excellent Full HD quality.

  • Upgrade the service to your clients. Now you not only provide them the place for a conference in your hotel. You are able to also live stream the conference all over the world in a professional way and top quality.
  • Increase income. Record the event and sell SD Cards to your clients so they can distribute them accordingly to their own customers or suppliers. 

Don’t forget people are willing to pay if you provide them a professional solution. That’s what NetCaster Pro does for you and your clients.

RSL & League Clubs

RSL and league clubs like venues host every week different type of events. Now with NetCaster Pro you are able to live broadcast and record all those events.

  • Increase income. Sell the service of Live Broadcasting to your clients. 

  • Increase income. Record the event and sell SD Cards to your clients so they can distribute them accordingly to their own customers or suppliers. 

Don’t forget people are willing to pay if you provide them a professional solution. That’s what NetCaster Pro does for you and your clients.

You will love NetCaster Pro

Create a new revenue stream by live broadcasting and recording your events.

You can find other live streaming systems in the market, but no one does what NetCaster Pro does for your business.

Don’t forget only one person is required to operate NetCaster Pro.

Advanced Technology

Samsung 28 4K Running

The Most Powerful Software

In the heart of NetCaster Pro we have a TriCaster Mini from NewTek with four HDMI inputs. The user interface is full of capabilities for creating a professional video production.

Virtual Set

Bring your dream studio to life

Realize your vision for a professional-looking studio – wherever you want it. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and Virtual Set from the ones already included you can transform any location into a spectacular virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value and adds instant credibility to your presentation.


Up to 4 Robotic Cameras

After a long trial period of testing, we have chosen the best 4K robotic cameras for the NetCaster Pro system. Those cameras are able to store many camera shots each.

A Camera Shot is the amount of space and the angle used that is seen in one shot or frame. Camera shots are used to demonstrate different aspects of a production’s setting, characters, and themes. As a result, Camera Shots are very important in shaping meaning in a film or television production. With NetCaster Pro, you may use about 10 Camera Shots per camera in order to make sure you are not going to miss any important moment of the event.

No videographer can compete with a television production using so many Camera Shots.

In case, 4 cameras and so many camera shots are not enough for your production, don’t worry. NetCaster Pro can be expanded by installing an additional software and then you are able to add to the system as many cameras as you have installed in your network.

SD Card Recorder

The SD Card Recorder allows you to deliver Ultra HD content to consumers using the latest technology H.265 files recorded onto inexpensive SD cards. You get real-time H.265 encoding and multi-rate 12G-SDI connections for recording all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60, along with 25 built-in SD card recorders. That means you can shoot, record, merchandise and deliver content that customers can actually view on their 4K televisions and Windows 10, Mac computers today!

Instantly Sell Content

Instantly Sell Content

Now you can sell video at live events the moment they finish!

The best time to sell content is right after an event when people are still excited about it! Now you can capture the enthusiasm of impulse buyers and instantly sell them a copy before they walk out the door!

SD Card Recorder Unlimited Copies

Create Unlimited Copies

Record hundreds of copies in real time

For larger events, you can connect multiple SD Card Recorders together and record an unlimited number of copies, all at the same time! Simply loop the RS-422 deck control and SDI video to multiple recorders, then start recording on the first one. When you push a button on the front panel of the first unit, it sends the command out via the RS-422 remote and into all of the connected units so they all start recording simultaneously! You can set up a road case with enough recorders to handle massive events and because the cards are re-usable, you never have to worry about wasting media because you can simply record over them again later!

Single File Recording

Easily merge multiple shots into a single file!

The SD Card Recorder includes revolutionary new append record button that lets you seamlessly combine recordings from different parts of an event into a single file. For example, if you are recording events that have natural breaks, like weddings with a ceremony and reception in different locations, the SD Card Recorder can automatically append the recordings all into a single file. This makes it easier for guests to watch because they only have to play back a single movie!

NetCaster Pro Venue Demo Installation

Only one Production Manager

Low production cost as only one person is required!

Now you have a multi-camera production similar to the ones from television networks, while at the same time you record the event in HD format on 25(or more) SD Cards and also you live broadcast in HD on any site including YouTube, Facebook etc.

For all the above, only one person is required.
That’s the amazing NetCaster Pro!

Time to switch to Live Broadcasting with NetCaster Pro

Video Production Comparable to TV Networks


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